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As we know, iPhone camera is powerful and has high resolution, as wells as high color quality. In every launching, iPhone always wins 1st or 2nd rank of DXO Mark. Even though iPhone has multiple advantages including in high lens quality, and proper color balance, it still has disadvantage, which is providing only Automatic camera mode. It has no other mode (such as Professional camera mode, and Wide camera mode).

Night mode is available on iPhone 11 (in the costly model). Comparing Huawei to iPhone, Huawei provides Light Painting mode not only the expensive one but the low-budget one also. Even if iPhone has only Auto mode, we can use it to take photos with special techniques called “Long Exposure” by installing  3rd party application which its profiles are shown as the book reference photos. You can easily and joyfully follow the steps of taking photos. Even if iPhone has only Auto mode,