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The secret of iPhone camera
which some people do not know !!!

The secret of the iPhone camera which most people do not know is that the iPhone provides not only Auto mode but also Long Exposure mode (available on Application and for more information, please go to Ebook). To shoot this kind of Long Exposure shots will make your photographs more amazing and captivating as if you use the DSLR Full frame camera. Nevertheless, to use DSLR shooting Long Exposure shots requires multiple types of equipment including in filters (costly one). Using an iPhone to capture the shots is simpler and more convenient because we just need only an iPhone, and a tripod. And last but not least, you can expose more about how to shoot on iPhone is available on E-book

A secret - You can use the iPhone to take Long Exposure shots and it is incredibly friendly to use.

Light Metering: You can learn more from video clips which can be accessible from QR code providing on the E-book.

For iPhone in Auto mode, we cannot meter the light in two different spots but this book can reveal the secret of how to meter the light in two different areas and how important it is. The reasons are that we will get the shot more artistic and deeper. We will capture the shot of the sunrise and sunset with no problem at all. Moreover, you will shoot the dramatic sky with more detail and more lines. Let’s see the reference Video Clip

Light trail photography

You will learn more on how to shoot Light Trail shots which normally only Professionals can make it. But for this kind of shot, you just use an iPhone and you can create remarkable photographs as they do too.​

Silky-smooth waterfall, ocean

Professionals use Filter ND (Expensive equipment) to get the shots but for iPhone, your compact device can create that kind of photograph as well as if you use the DSLR Full Frame camera.

Long Exposure can be designed to shoot more interesting shots

such as more dramatic skies, moving objects (pedestrians and cars) to be disappeared from the frame without using Photoshop. The trick is just using an application recommended in this E-book.

Photographer’s Landmark

Bangkok Thailand
Victory monument
Mae Ramphueng Beach
Mae Ramphueng Beach
Mae Ramphueng Beach
Mae Ramphueng Beach

This book also shares with you more on the beautiful places and scenes in Bangkok Metropolis and natural travel destinations in Thailand. For who has got the plan to visit Thailand after full recovery of Covid-19, you can use this E-book as an inspiration.​

Final suggestion - Having this E-book, your Long Exposure shots will become joyful hobbies. ​